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Serving The Community

I have been serving as a volunteer in Framingham government for the past few decades working tirelessly to make it a better place for residents to live in. As the current, long time Chair of the Planning Board, I have always tried to make the best land use decisions for the community that intend to benefit and serve the greater good of all.

It is at this time that I feel my knowledge of municipal government combined with my financial background in running a small business and currently my role as a Capital Improvement manager, provide me with the skillset to participate as a meaningful member of a legistative  financial body. 

 As a Capital Asset Manager I am responsible for providing needs assessments regarding capital assets and in turn establishing annual capital spending budgets for State , Federal and management properties owned by the State agency  I work for.  I also serve as the MCPPO certified Procurement Officer for the Authority that I work for, and as such I understand all legalities associated with the complexities associated with procurement of government construction contracts, goods and services.

Finally, it is imperative that those elected to perform a service for a municipal government whether elected or appointed, must possess the ethical and moral integrity to represent those they serve without any conflict of interest or goal of financial gain. 

If elected, I will continue to be an independent voice that represents those who I serve free of any conflict of interest or pressure from insider politics.  My goal is to make the best educated, balanced decisions for the community, based on all facts presented.  


United By A Common Goal

I am compelled to run for the position of District 1 City Council to represent Precinct 1 & 2 because this is my neighborhood.  I  love my neighborhood and understand  the value of being connected to those constituents that I am closest to and want to help address their concerns regarding local neighhborhood issues.  I hope to be able to collaborate with others to make necessary changes to improve everyone's quality of life. Please help me so I can serve you!


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I need your help to win this race! Please contact me if you would like to volunteer to help with my campaign.  Please spread the message by talking to your neighbors. Together we can work for a better Framingham community - united.

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